How to read effectively

  1. Think of reading as an active pursuit rather than being passive.
  2. Don’t get bogged down in details, try to sprint through them and look for the gist of the author.
  3. Read with the intention of finding out the gist and pace yourself accordingly.
  4. Learn to adjust your speed based on the complexity of the content.
  5. Skim through the content if you know what he is going to say.
  6. Stop vocalization during reading.
  7. Don’t be a word by word reader, be a phrase reader.
  8. Try to speed up yourself in your reading, that will help you more concentrated on the content.
  9. Develop your vocabulary.
  10. Like any other skill, more you practice, better you become. Make sure you practice with the above principles.
  11. Finally, Don’t consider it as an ephemeral course but as a lifelong journey of betterment.

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